4 Pool Safety Tips to Remember this Summer

During the summer the pool is the place to be. Make sure you have fun but also keep your kiddos safe!

July has arrived and is no secret that the temperature outside is…well…HOT. When your child begs to be outside for the summer, staying cool by the pool is your only escape. Teaching your child about pool safety and refreshing your responsibilities is not a bad thing to think about.

Although swimming is a fun activity for the whole family, drowning is the leading cause of death in children. Drowning can happen in seconds and is often silent, so being aware and stopping the problem before it occurs is important.

Here are some tips to keep your child safe around the pool this summer.

Assign a Water Watcher

An adult should be assigned as the water watcher near any body of water. Many problems occur when the adult assumes that someone else is watching the child when in reality no one is. The supervisor should give their full attention to the child, meaning no to socializing with people around, use of cellphones, drinking alcohol, or doing anything that may cause distraction from the child in the water. If there is more than one adult at the scene, try taking turns as supervisors.

Take Swim Lessons

Scheduling swim lessons for your child when they are at the age of 4 or younger is a smart investment. The earlier the child takes a lesson, the better. Although water watchers are still needed, learning how to swim makes drowning less likely to happen. Check out your local recreation centers in the community for classes taught by qualified instructors.

Protect your pool with fencing

All personal pools should have fencing around them with a self-closing, locked gate. If your child learns how to use the fencing without you around, an alarm system may also be a good idea. The alarm will chime when the door is opened to alarm a supervisor that someone has opened the pool gate.

Learn CPR

Learning CPR can be the difference between life and death in some situations. Taking a CPR class with a trained professional will ensure that if something was to happen to a child, you would be prepared and able to take action until a healthcare provider can come and assist.

Keep these tips in mind  and any additional rules that may be posted around the pool this summer.