Are you prepared for hurricane season?

People don’t really give importance to the need of being prepared for a hurricane. But, taking steps prior to a hurricane can help to a great extent, as far as your health is concerned. You should always be prepared for the outcome of a hurricane, which is never comforting. So always plan ahead.

A hurricane always wreaks havoc in areas along the coastline. The aftermath of a hurricane is heavy water damage, which has the potential to compromise your home’s foundation. You and your family need to be efficiently prepared, especially if you live in hurricane prone regions. Some steps that can be taken to counter a hurricane’s effects are listed below.

Emergency supplies

You should make sure that you have stocked up on your supplies for both your house and car. The best way to do this is to just overstock. Food and medicine are the two most important supplies you need to have in abundance. Make room for almost 5 gallons of water for every individual (typically a person needs to drink a gallon of water per day). So this amount of 5 gallons per person will last for about 4 to 5 days for each one of you. Have at least 3 to 5 days of food supply in advance. The food that you stock should not go bad—for instance canned food.

Prescription medicines should also be stocked for any health emergencies. If you have a cancer patient in the family, ensure that you collect all the necessary supplies from the cancer center. First aid kit, flashlights, fire extinguisher, toiletries (such as soap, hand sanitizer, toothpaste), sleeping bags and extra blankets should be kept handy. Keep your car’s fuel tank completely filled and move it inside your garage to avoid any damage. An emergency kit for your car can also be prepared.

Family planning

Making a family plan for steps to be taken post-storm can go a long way in keeping you safe. A document can be prepared that contains exactly what any of the family member needs to do in cases of adversity. It gives a clear idea where the various supplies are stocked. This helps in making sure every family member knows what he/she should do without panicking. You should make sure all important documents are sealed safely to avoid losing them in the storm.

During the storm, keep a close tab on all storm updates by means of radio. You should also make sure to keep an ear out for any kind of distress signals. Call the police station, hospital, or a heart centre in case a family member suffers from any kind of heart trauma. Clean the yard so that nothing can blow into the house during the storm. Storm shutters can be used to protect your house windows.

Emergency contacts

A hurricane will, in all probability, compromise power, access to the Internet, and any other form of communication, so it is important that you keep a list of emergency contacts. Contacts of police stations, cardiology services, fire stations, hospitals, Red Cross, TV stations, radio stations and insurance agents should be easily accessible to you.

Be evacuation ready

In case of a pending hurricane, authorities may ask you to evacuate. Never ignore an evacuation order because even the sturdiest of houses may fail to withstand a hurricane. You should carry several containers of water. Carry essentials such as medicines, cell phone, any kind of identification and cash. Car emergency kit should be kept in possession. While leaving your house turn off the gas, electricity, water supply and unplug all you appliances. This is done because if your house can make it through the hurricane, you suffer reduced damages. During your travel to safety, make sure you follow the routes as recommended by the emergency workers even if they have heavy traffic.

Being hurricane prepared will guarantee you and your family’s safety. Keeping your family safe should always be the priority. Never underestimate the impending hurricane’s impact. Follow the orders issued by authorities. Staying back home to protect your house is never worth the risk. Always take the necessary steps to be prepared even in the worst of outcomes that a hurricane may inflict.