October Employee of the Month Recipients

Congratulations to Sherrie Gifford, Dawn Burks, and Jamal Butler for being selected as Employees of the Month for October.

Leader Recipient- Sherrie Gifford, RN Manager, Labor and Delivery.

Sherrie goes above and beyond her designated duties to ensure the department is staffed and equipped with the right resources to perform compassionate and quality care. Sherrie has stepped in the "director" position when needed and never asks for recognition, but certainly deserves it. She keeps an open door policy for concerns or questions regarding the department and her peers.

Clinical Employee Recipient- Dawn Burks, RN ICU

Dawn administers safe, quality care with the utmost respect and compassion. Her knowledge base, commitment to ongoing education, and exceptional critical thinking skills ensure the highest level or care and intervention. Dawn is a team player and patiently bears the burdens of her coworkers. She exemplifies a positive attitude and commitment to the unit's morale.

Non Clinical Employee Recipient- Jamal Butler

Jamal delivers personal customer service. He is always kind, patient, and friendly. Jamal often anticipates the orders of regular customers and starts working on the order before it is even placed. He is a diligent professional who knows what he is doing.