Testing for COVID-19

Did you know?
Not everyone who comes to a clinic or hospital will be tested for COVID-19. Here’s why:

Most patients who test positive for COVID-19 have developed fever and have symptoms of acute respiratory illness (cough, difficulty breathing). The Louisiana Department of Health has issued criteria for COVID-19 testing, and our caregivers may prioritize testing to:

  • hospitalized patients
  • patients with signs and symptoms of an illness consistent with COVID-19
  • immunocompromised persons, or those who live with immunocompromised persons
  • those who live with elderly or very young children
  • healthcare personnel who had close contact to a confirmed-positive COVID-19 patient
  • or other patients determined to be high-risk

Mildly ill patients may be encouraged to self-quarantine at home,
without being tested. Even if your symptoms are mild, call your
healthcare provider to let them assess your risk.