Trick-or-Treating Tips for a Safe and Fun Halloween

Happy Halloween from Slidell Memorial Hospital! Halloween is a holiday full of fun, family, and of course trick-or-treating! While Halloween is one of the most anticipated events for your children, it is important to recognize that there are risks associated with trick-or-treating. According to the Children's Safety Network, Halloween is the most dangerous day of the year for child pedestrians. Before you start trick-or-treating make sure you consider these tips to prioritize your child's safety.

Plan out your route
Planning out a route ahead of time will reduce the possibility of getting lost. Young children should be accompanied by a dependable adult. If you have older children that are trick-or-treating with friends determine the route that they are taking and plan for times for them to check in with you, and agree on a time when they should return home. Stick to houses that are in well-lit areas and only visit houses with their porch lights on.

Stick to sidewalks
On average over 2 times as many child pedestrians die on Halloween compared to other days. We know this sounds scary, but by staying on sidewalks and utilizing crosswalks, the risk of accidents is greatly reduced. Before crossing the street always look both ways and cross at street corners.

Carry something bright
When trick-or-treating it is a good idea to carry a flashlight or have something bright on you so that vehicles can see you. For younger children use reflective tape on the back of costumes or candy bags to make sure they are seen by drivers.

Check those costumes!
Before you leave to go trick-or-treating make sure that your child's costume is not too restrictive. You want to make sure that your child can easily walk and that they can fully see through it. 

Have a fun and safe Halloween from everyone here at Slidell Memorial Hospital.